Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Say Mmm!!

This may come as a big surprise to you, but it's true. I LOVE to cook.
 I do...I love to try new recipes, to try them out on unsuspecting guests and obligated-to-love-it family members (they're my favorite guniea pigs). 
 Last night I made Tyler Florences' Spahgetti alla Carbonara for the first time....it was yummy! 
 Another five stars for Tyler!!

(okay, this is his photo, but mine looked just like it..I swear!)

 What I loathe about cooking however...is the planning, shopping and yes, the cleaning up.
 I suppose I sound just like every other woman in the universe huh?

Then I discovered this site...

and wow, was I amazed!

Talk about simplifying life!
The whole site works by clicking and or copy/paste...what could be easier?

Here's what the site can do...
all for free!!

Meal planning - Easily plan meals by day, week, or month with an online calendar designed to work with your recipes and shopping lists.

Grocery lists - Simplify grocery lists with smart features that help you remember
 and organize the things you need to get.

Recipes - Save all your recipes (up to 100 free, more than 100 requires upgrading to Saymmm Plus at just 3.00/mo.) and meal ideas in one place, organize them as you like, and just click to use them in meal plans and shopping lists.

Honestly...you should check it out. I've started using it and it has made the past week so much more stress free when it comes to meal planning and cooking. 
The only thing it doesn't take care of is the kitchen clean-up part....
oh well, I can't have it all!!



~Lavender Dreamer~ said...

This is so interesting! I think I might get started on this! I could sure used some help getting organized with healthy recipes! ♥

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Right there with ya, Paula. Love to cook and try new recipes, but the shopping and clean-up . . . notsomuch! I'll definitely try Tyler's recipe and will also check out the site.

Thanks for sharing!

michelle said...

This could be my lifesaver Paula!! Thank you! I needed something like this because I don't like to put everything together or shop! I am off to go take a look!

{Bellamere Cottage} said...

Looks yummmmm-o..... and I'm thrilled about the website.... I DON'T like to cook and NEED help! ;-)

Warm blessings,

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

What a great site Paula!
Thank you for sharing and I'm sure my husband and family will want to thank you too!!

Char said...

I will have to check this out. It sounds easy enough and organization is key when it comes to shopping and saving time. Looks yummy too.
Paula, thanks so much for stopping by and saying hi. I have missed everyone and now that things seem to be settling down, I hope to be more visable. I have missed you.
Thanks again for the cooking website, Char

Julie Harward said...

That looks so delish! I am going to check out this site, thanks! :D

Unknown said...

Yum that's one of my favorite dishes! I love your latest signs! I must check out that cool site now...Sandy xox

Debbie said...

Ugh!!! I just tried leaving a comment, but some how it got lost!
Just wanted to let you know how much I loved reading your posts...past and present.
Your pics are wonderful, and always a treat.
Enjoy your week!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

How cool is that??!! Of course, I'm not sure where the kitchen in my house is.......

Alias said...

Seems very much interesting I feel like eating it..:)