Sunday, December 28, 2008

Off to the beach!

It is supposed to be a balmy 67 degrees here today...I'm officially taking a real day off and we are headed to the beach. Spending hours combing the beach for shells and just soaking up the sun and surf, that is my idea of a perfect day off.

We never get much in the way of snow here on the Delmarva Peninsula,
but we do get alot of migrating snow birds!
Yesterday morning Mike and I took a drive to see if we could get them on film
...this was a rather small flock but you'd never know it if you could hear them! They usually cover a field in a blanket of white...our version of a winter snow fall.
Quite breathtaking to say the least!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Keeping oneself busy...

while waiting for Santa!
Even at 15 years, it can be hard waiting for Santa.
But my creative little cherub found the
perfect 'pass the time' activity.
She's decided to redecorate her room!

For me, I'm looking foward to a new year. No presents, just the newness of a fresh start. There is just something magical about a new year. Like the gift of birth, we get to start again, putting the past in the past and leaving it there!

New signs coming for the new year...
first...something a little Italian..."Beautiful House"

And since the seed catalogs just keep coming this time of year I'll be painting more garden themes...lot's of roses for sure :)

Merry Christmas & HAPPY NEW YEAR to all!

Monday, December 8, 2008

A view from my window....

...through the screen!
I'm always tempted to have a picture of my little painting studio corner of the house posted somewhere. Then I look around and see the mess...oh no, that's just not happening. So, instead I thought I'd share a view from my window, sorta my daily inspiration...

It's not the sandy beach view of my dreams but it will have to do!

Busy this past week...finally got the tree up.
We did something different this year. I picked out the tree (went a little smaller than usual), my husband did the lights, (now he knows how much fun that is, he's thinking a fake tree with lights already on it is not so far in our future!),
then I let Hannah do the ornaments! She decided to go with blues and purples, a quite creative girl she is :)
She's not quite done, still has to add garlands and she's hunting the attic for more blue and purple ornaments but it looks pretty good huh? As long as it wasn't me spending endless hours on it I think it looks great!!

I was in charge of the Wise Men mantle in the kitchen, my favorite :)

Today I'm back to painting (yeah!) after spending much of last week revamping my website. I've decided to simplify it by selling just my one of a kinds on the site and putting my other peices on either lollishops or etsy.
Oh yes! lollishops is open and looks's my page on lollishops:

Monday, November 24, 2008

Late to the party as usual!

Well here I am and I can't help thinking...
'late to the party as usual'!

The blog party that is...such a long time coming this is...
not quite as long as my website
but long enough. I might add that I am fashionably late, wouldn't you agree??

I do believe I will like blogging and
I so hope you enjoy your visit, or 'visits' if I am so lucky!

Two exciting things happen here this week.... son comes home from college!

This has me very excited...we haven't seen him since he left in August!

(he goes to Lock Haven University...six hours away!!)

Here he is holding my nephew Matthew.

Mike, if your reading this...this is about as long as I want your hair to be when I see you!!

The other exciting news...Lollishops opens!! yeah!
I'm proud to have been accepted as a vendor on what looks to be like a very fun place
to sell my signs!
If you haven't heard of lollishops yet...go visit and sign up to be on their opening email list ... lot's of fun gals selling just wonderful stuff!

New signs coming this week on ebay....

It's been so cold here lately I'm painting roses to warm me up!

A couple of Shabby Christmas signs!

Hope you enjoy!