Tuesday, August 18, 2009

end of summer bucket list

Summers' about to 'kick the bucket'...so many things I either didn't do or didn't do enough of...making my bucket list, on this day August 18th 2009...quick, there's still gotta be time to...

get in the dang ocean!

dinner on the beach, an absolute must!

play more tennis...

wait, scratch that...just win more maybe

{ love u rafal!}

at least one bike ride at the beach...preferably Cape Henlopen

more seashell gatherings...many more!

and at least one day watching my son skim...it's not just for off season!

that's my end of summer bucket list...

what's on yours?

Friday, August 14, 2009

this way to happily ever after

where have I been?
I can't believe how much time has passed since my last post.
Busy, yes.
Taking time off, oh yes! (at the beach of course).
But mostly I've been working on some new designs
and am happy to share the first one, going up today on etsy!

It will be in my etsy shop with FREE shipping for the first week!

I've spent alot of time lately with fonts. As probably most graphic designers I'm just a little obsessed with them. I can spend an entire day searching for the perfect font, find it, then change my mind!

I've just fallen in love with glyph palettes...just the funnest thing in design since the circle!

A sample of 'Nelly' from myfonts.com...

You can learn more about glyph palettes here.

There's also a really cool video to watch on YouTube
herewith the Champion Pro Script font which was dubbed 'the most powerful script ever made'.

Truly a georgous wedding font!

Right now my favorite is the one you see on this new "happily ever after sign"...'Bickham' with glyph. I can promise there is much more to come from this newly aquired beauty!