Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Let me introduce you....

{you can thank me later!}
a delightful and witty person who I share so much in common with...
the first being our names... Paula!
(I don't meet many Paula's)
I met PJ through etsy last fall... {she found me} ...then we found each others blogs...
since then I've been having coffee with her just about every morning!
Her wonderful blog is so ...
(check out her "Letters to my Children")
(read her "Saturday Bleat")
(she finds the coolest stuff on etsy)
(she shares some of the best photogs that I so enjoy!)
and just so warm!
Need another reason to stop over there??
OK...she's having an amazing giveaway!!
It's PJ's one year blogoversay and all you need to do is...
1. become a follower
2. leave a comment on this post "What's up for Wednesday"
before Sunday, Feb 28th at 6pm...
that's it..simple.
Oh!!! her prizes?...................
A $75.00 gift certificate to
and...prize # 2....
A $60.00 gift certificate to ...
Castle & Cottage Signs
{that's me!!! custom sign or one from my choose!}
if she hits 300 followers she's going to add a 3rd prize!!!
so head over comment...type
(may I suggest..."PJ your the best" or "the other Paula sent me" or just "pick me!"!)
and viola! your in!
Good luck!!
ps.... my next giveaway is going to be a teensy weensy bit late as I'm catching up on custom orders but....when I finish it're gonna love it! pinky swear!!

Friday, February 19, 2010


Feels a little like that lately...

conserving energy...slow metabolic rate and a reduction in body temperature...

two photos of the yard taken yesterday...the pedastal of my bird bath and

my french measuring stick

garden hose guide...

but hibernation is not all bad...I'm dreaming and planning!

This long, harsh winter has given me the determination to plan like never before for the

'I know it will come' garden season...

(greenhouse dreaming)

Some seeds have been started on the kitchen windowsill...

(remember my Christmas boxwood pots? well I decided they had more work to do!)

and before the 'blizzards of 2010' I cut some lavender from my huge plants outside and I'm experimenting with 'rooting hormone'...

they don't look the greatest but I think a few will make it!
Now I'm waiting for seeds in the mail...
heirloom tomatoes & peppers and something new this year (for me)...

Irish moss!!

I can't wait to play with this stuff!
In between bricks in the paths, in pots, a little in the vegetable garden...
the description in the catalog says...
'it begs to be touched and patted'
oh, I can't wait!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

With Love...

sweet blog friends...

you are the


in my coffee!!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Serious Icicles!

Well, we've survived Blizzard # 2 ...or is it #3?
I don't know anymore!

This last blizzard was the scariest I think...the wind blew like there was no tomorrow...

...this is what almost all of our windows looked like last night...scary!

And today,

the sun is out

and the most unbelievable icicles are everywhere!

We walked around and grabbed some photos...

Some of them were actually bent...I'm in awe of Mother Nature...she wins, hands down!

Sunday, February 7, 2010


I'm off my hammock and have shovel camera in hand!

Jessie frolicked around the
desolate neighborhood most of yesterday with sheer

We were lucky...only 15 inches!

Tuesday, February 2, 2010


I made that word up. It's where I'm heading because, well...
no one told me how addictive blogging is!!
Geez... I'm worse than a kid in a candy store...I'm here there and everywhere!!
So, in order to concentrate a little more on 'business' - I'm forcing myself to take a
I don't know exactly how long I'll be gone...a week, maybe 10 days...maybe 2 hours!! lol:)
but if you come by and see this picture:

you'll say ... "oh, she's still on the beach!"

Now if you catch me cheating, (like leaving comments anywhere),

just ignore them!!

Just close your eyes and pretend you didn't see it ..ok?
thanks, I appreciate your cooperation!!!