Tuesday, August 30, 2011

signs of a hurricane...

We really lucked out...compared to other people, mostly in other states...we really did just fine.
We had alot of flooding in our basement and alot of tree limbs to clean up... that's about it.
We never lost power although we were thoroughly prepared to.
 My son who works for a tree trimming company has been working 14 hour days since the storm started Saturday. Now it sounds like his crew might be traveling out of state to help out, maybe New York he tells me.  I really do worry about him and this massive clean up they tackle all day, plus working around electrical wires. I'd appreciate it if you could keep him in your prayers for me.

I took some photos of our yard but lost them to a broken camera picture card. I put the card in the computer to view them and bam...card broken, just like that.   I guess that was my only big loss from Irene.

 Here are some of my favorite shots from around Delaware and surrounding areas (all taken from our local newspapers)...

and Maryland...

what a great idea!
 the one below I found on the web...not sure where this restaurant is located but I'd eat there...they have a great sense of humor...

speaking of signs...
since my computer was off during Irene, and I couldn't get to the workshop out in the garage...I sat and painted some new signs that were just waiting for me to have the time....I had all the time in the world waiting for Irene to leave...

Each of the signs above are available in  my etsy shop.

 a few of the custom signs recently shipped out..

 Happily ever after...at the farm!

 Wall planter in aqua!

Lucky is David's cat...he has his own garden!

love how this sign turned out..one of my favorite fonts, Algerian.

I hope all of you that were in Irene's path are making out okay! My family in Mass & RI still don't have power...that would be tough but at least they are all okay.


Added note... is anyone else having trouble leaving comments on blogs? Seems after visiting the first few and commenting blogger doesn't know who I am anymore...try to use the url identity but now that's not even working...is it just me?

Thursday, August 25, 2011

The Winner & What a blast Virginia beach was!

And the winner is...
comment number 8
.....here's what she wrote...

Hi Paula,
Glad to see you back, we've missed you!
 Oh, your signs are the loveliest I've ever seen. I hope to order one for my shop soon.
Love the Christmas sign, it's wonderful.

I am excited to be included in your giveaway!

{do you know this gal???}

That's right Sissie....it's you!
 Congrats girl!

Thanks to all who entered! I've read and read again all your wonderful comments and they have me smiling ear to ear! I'm so lucky to have you all as blog buddies!

What a week I had in Virginia Beach...one of the best vacations I've had in years!
Between all of us, we have almost 1000 photos... yes, one thousand, that's not a typo!
Here are a few of my favorites from the week...

Our family photo on the stairs of the house...

My dad and his five kids...( I say 'kids' cuz we were like kids all week!)

then we added in the spouses and our kids...

then down to the beach for more family shots....

Mike jr, me, Hannah, and Mike
a surprise kiss!

me and Hannah
Mike and Hannah (seems we always have to drag him out of the water for a photo!)
my sisters and me...
Donna, Tina and Laura

got a few shots of Hannah that we might use for her senior pictures this year...does she get this beauty from me? ! lol!

one of the funnest things we did was an Iron Chef cookoff...between my neice Rachel and brother in law Greg...what a feast they put on!

Greg was the winner, but since Rachel's young and only been cooking for a short while she gave him quite a run for his money! She made the grilled watermelon salad..it was awesome!

My brother serenaded us each night with his guitar!

I got in 4 tennis matches! The courts were on the ocean...it was heaven!
I even got my sister Donna to play on the last day, she had never been on a court before, turns out she's pretty good~ I hope she keeps playing when she gets home.

And on the last day, Mike finally got me in the kyak and out on the ocean....I was nervous but once I got out there I didn't want to come back!
Can you see how far out we went? The most peaceful place on earth I tell ya...I want one of these!!...Santa are you listening??

Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Endless Summer Giveaway!

It's time! 
 Can't believe how long it's been since I last posted...I got totally swept away with sign orders and have had barely any time for play ~ it's a good thing I really love what I do, so much so that it feels like play!
I can't thank all of you enough for hanging in there with me!
Here's  a few of my recent custom signs...

I also worked on a few new signs...here is my
 absolute favorite...
Ta da!
I know...it's Christmas...but did you know...there's only 136 days till Christmas?
 Yeah, I thought you knew.

Another new one...the vintage French Bakery.
I've a third one in the works...a Farmers Market sign...soon!

okay...here's the scoop on the give away....

because I'm sooo excited and sooo in love with how the
 Merry Christmas
sign turned out~
I've decided to give one away!!
It measures a huge 40 inches wide by 20 inches tall...
very distressed and chippy~

I did two versions of this sign,
 one with just a light gray shading on the letters...

and another with silver german glass glitter shading....

so the winner will get their choice!
Or....the winner can choose
 a $75.00 gift certificate to either of my shops...