Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Custom sign giveaway...celebrating!!

As if my absence from posting wasn't indication enough...
I've been one busy bee!
So busy that I let a couple of milestones pass without celebrating.

This month Castle & Cottage on etsy aquired it's 500th favorite follower and then...
on May 5th I posted my 100th post!!!

So let's just celebrate them now shall we?
hmmm....with what?

how about a custom sign giveaway?!!

That's what this calls for...a custom sign to the winner with a $50.00 value!

The winner can browse around my etsy shop, website and flicker gallery for inspiration of what they'd like their sign to look like & to say ...or choose one that's already there...

whatever your little heart desires!

(I do have to limit it to the US & Canada for shipping purposes)

Entering is simple...just leave a comment on this post.

(oohh...I'd love to know what your sign might say!)

If you'd like to add a link to it on your blog, come back and let me know in a second comment

for a second chance!

I'll draw a winner from random.org on Tuesday, June 1st.

(Be sure I have a way to contact you...either through your blog or by leaving me contact email.)

Thanks for stopping by & good luck to all!!

Monday, May 17, 2010


at the Grand March....Mom was dissappointed in their choice of venue for pictures
(we were at the State Fairgrounds...not the best building for Prom pictures!)

Drew and Hannah

but I was still able to capture some beauty!!

Haley & Hannah

Hannah & Kelly

loved her hair!!

her favorite guys...Dad and brother:)
I could of stayed all night with my camera snapping pictures!
I didn't...I was a good Mom and went home:)

Saturday, May 15, 2010

here come the roses...

on my way to the garden, I get to pass this breathtaking display of beauty...

The last of my 12 rose bushes...

years ago I had a gorgeous semi circle garden of roses...this is the only one that has survived, and survive it has!

I can never resist taking photos of it!

A very busy weekend in store...a Confimation, a first Communion and tonight....


My Hannah goes to her first prom tonight, I was up way past my bedtime last night altering her dress for the 'perfect fit'...I'll be back sharing photos tomorrow!

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

So I'm sitting in my studio minding my own business....

...when along came a spider.

A spider?

I wish!

no...not a spider...but I hear birds, lot's of birds outside my window...

'what in the world is going on?' me thinks...

'go see'...I do....

because my window is covered I need to go to the next room to look out....
are you ready for my view?

I'm going to warn you.....it ain't pretty!

he was bigger than a bread box!!!!!!
there were black crows darting at him and squaking like crazy...
apparently, he wasn't sharing.

like you just did, I screamed!

he flew away, leaving his disgusting lunch behind.
A couple of hours later he was back, so was I, with my camera.
I snapped a few pictures and told him quite firmly...
"you better eat it ALL!!"
quite an exciting life I live don't you think??

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Just in case you run out of Calgon...

A happy & peaceful mom's day to you!!

·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ paula

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

hello may....

it's official...you are now my favorite month....

your warm nights and sunny days have the flowers bursting...

the rose buds swelling...

and the vinca peering at the sun...

(image via Anna Amphigorously )

carefree leg-stretching bikerides are happening daily for me....

and little broken robins' eggs are showing up all over the lawn...
I simply can not think of a more beautiful month...can you?

Monday, May 3, 2010

Guess who....

Good Monday morning all....I'm a little late with my winner but
better late than never right?
~~words to live by these days~~

Are you ready????? here comes my shocked face.....

I couldn't resist adding this little guy's photo...

cuz this commercial just cracks me up!! are you shocked????

The winner is Poetees who commented....

What an absolutely beautiful sign! We're moving soon, so I would choose a special spot to displace this in our new home :)

Congrats girl!!

Thanks so much to all who entered....
I'm truly honored that each of you took the time to stop by and comment!

Happy Monday everyone!
...I'm off to get busy painting and then to another Lacrosse game if the rain holds off!

·´¸.·*´¨) ¸.·*´¨)
(¸.·´ (¸.·´ paula

Saturday, May 1, 2010

Just be there....

It's been a very busy week here...four Lacrosse games made it even busier...

Your number one responsibilty as a parent I think.....
just be there.

did you know that
God knew mothers couldn't be everywhere...

so he created guilt.
(I'll pass thankyou!)

I made it to 3 of the 4 games...

Camera in hand, ready to capture the good and the bad moments...
cheering on players and sometimes 'cheering up' players!
(smile honey...it will get better, I promise!)

wishing everyone a 'be there' kinda weekend!


ps...still time to get in on my giveaway on the post below!