Friday, November 4, 2011

Hello my Pretties!

That was a  little belated halloween humor....! 

I really don't like it when I disappear, but it was totally unavoidable.
 Pinky swear, it was.
If October was any hint of what November will bring in the sign business...well
...let's just say I'm sorta shakin in my boots!
Honestly's all good!!

If you have a sign ordered with me, custom or just a web order...
rest assured that I'm working on it, pinky swear again!!

But, if you don't have one ordered....
go to my etsy shop and check out my two newest signs....
hurry...go now...they are ready to ship!!

One in black background ~ white lettering....

Moulins de Provence

it's a mill, in France!!!

the other with a white background and black lettering....

all deliciously
                         cracked and
                         down right
                      trashy looking!
okay, trashy may be pushing but
trust me...
You'll love em!!

xo  till next time...
.oooooo yah, more thing...
...giveaway coming soon...
pinky swear
 {that's three pinky swears in one post, oh my!!}