Tuesday, August 18, 2009

end of summer bucket list

Summers' about to 'kick the bucket'...so many things I either didn't do or didn't do enough of...making my bucket list, on this day August 18th 2009...quick, there's still gotta be time to...

get in the dang ocean!

dinner on the beach, an absolute must!

play more tennis...

wait, scratch that...just win more maybe

{ love u rafal!}

at least one bike ride at the beach...preferably Cape Henlopen

more seashell gatherings...many more!

and at least one day watching my son skim...it's not just for off season!

that's my end of summer bucket list...

what's on yours?

1 comment:

Tutti Chic said...

Paula~Great post!! Boy do I have an unfinished bucket list this summer! I would....sit still & relax more,do all those projects with seashells I wanted to do,like you, play more tennis(even though I have bad knees now!)get to at least one painting class this summer & read a few more good books!
your blog is gorgeous just like all your signs are! signing off from north attleboro :) chris