Friday, September 4, 2009

{baby boos and heirloom zinnia's}

As sad as I am to see summer ending, it is such fun to see the pumpkins popping up at farm stands all over the Delmarva Peninsula.
my children have grown (the youngest celebrates sweet sixteen this month!) and so goes my pumpkins from orange to white!
simply Love white pumpkins... called Ghost pumpkins, Snowballs, Luminas or Caspers — (presumably a reference to the friendly ghost).
And the ones about the size of a baseball?
Baby Boos.... just adorable!
a search around etsy found some of the cutest for fall decorating and adorning yourself...

all in white of course!...

starting at the top left...

favoritethingsbyjane, polishedtwo, thedecoratedhouse, seapinks, janicecordeiro, mrsdazo

guess which one is my favorite??

and finally, from the Enchanted Garden...enough heirloom zinnias

(planted a little late from seed)

to make a bouquet!

I was completely taken by the chartruese color of these beauties, they reminded me of the gorgeous zinnias my grandmother planted all around her vegetable garden and I just had to have them. Next year, less banana peppers and more zinnias!

A happy Labor Day weekend to all!



LuLu Kellogg said...

I just adore the white pumpkins. No orange ones for us this year. I am going with the white!

So glad to see you posting!


Whatever Is Lovely said...

Beautiful Paula!!! Love the Luminas!! I especially love the one with the crown! So pretty!
Hope you have a Beautiful holiday weekend! ~ Teresa

Jade Creative said...

My daughter just turned Sweet 16 as well.
Love this collage.
Have a happy day!