Monday, July 26, 2010

It's gone...and, I gotta tell ya...


It's been four days and for feels like a whole new sense of freedom. No more commercials screaming at me...'buy this now, buy that now' more endless surfing only to find there's nothing good enough to capture my more MTV or '16 and Pregnant' corrupting my daughters brain...

no more of all the things

I will never miss!

I am praying my family sees it too...this complete sense of freedom I have.

So far, they have not complained...they are reading more and watching movies when they want to lounge. Keeping my fingers crossed!!


LuLu Kellogg said...

We don't have cable but we do have regular TV and Netflix and I loveeeeeeeee my movies!

I am glad you all are doing well without the tube!


Heaven's Walk said...

All I can say is....Good...For...You!!!! That's a huge commitment to make for a family, but one that's to be proud of for sure. There must be something very cleansing and calming about that decision, not to mention the entire 'feel' of your home now. Kudos to you!!!

xoxo laurie@heavens-walk

Julie Harward said...

Good luck with that...I agree with you, so many channels, nothing but junk and that is saying it nicely! My kids were too busy in their teens for TV anyway and now I see them limiting it in their homes too. :D

Anonymous said...

Isn't it the bestest feeling!!! The only thing is that you will be feeling very out of it when people start talking about different shows if you continue to not have TV for some time. We have been TV less for 4 years and it's great!!

bee blessed

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Now that's a true inspiration, Paula! How cool would it be if we could start a movement?!

Sandi~A Cottage Muse said...

16 and Pregnant? Oh My and I thought Jerseylicious sounded bad!! One of the best things about camping all summer is I really never have time to turn the TV on!! Enjoy!

Claudia said...

Wow. Good for you! I don't think I could do it, though we seem to be watching TV less and less. Hope the family keeps reading and having a good time sans television!


Kathy @ Creative Home Expressions said...

I complain about having only Family or Basic cable so I don't get all the channels like when my kids were younger anymore, but really, do I need them? When there is nothing on in the summer months, that is when I pull out a favorite movie and pop that in. I've been picking up a book a bit more myself {but that has also included less online time, too}.

Victoria said...

My kids have never been that into t.v. but that's a different story and I'm so ashamed to admit this but I do watch 16 and Pregnant!!! But for the most part I watch old movies and I Love Lucy everyday:)

Good for you tho, you're a strong woman!!!

Jenny said...

Yay for you!

Luv2Shop said...

I turned off my Direct TV in August 2009 (when they went up on my bill) and sold my television at a yard sale. I have missed it a little but I find that my house is cleaner and I have done alot of projects that needed doing. I have also read a couple of books.

Amber ~ The French Pressed Home said...

I soooo want to follow in your footsteps! I mention a TV free home to hubby and tween, and they look at me like I'm crazy! How on earth did you do it?! All I can say is I'm envious and very happy for you! ;) Amber

The French Bear said...

Good for you! We did it for two years....although I watched "You got mail" about a thousand times...... but one thing we did learn was that you can get up and turn it off. It is funny cause even now I will say something like I need to go and get something done and I will get up and turn the TV off and everyone looks at me aren't you watching this, and I will say no and walk away. It is empowering to say the least.
I really believe families do learn to to love each other, and become closer without a television. Keep us posted as to how it is going!!
Margaret B

Burlap Luxe said...

So glad I found you I think my daughter ad I could do as you did with no T.V.
There is so much more then the juk out there and T.V holds us back from doing all the things we want.

I am going to try to watch even less, you inspire us...I read your post to my 17 year old and she chuckled at the 16 and P.G She watches it and feels because of it she sees all the red flags in the drama they have to go through, a BIG wake-up call.

Thank you for this honest post.

DaniVerdeSalvia said...

Hi dear! I am Daniela from Ciao From Tuscany. Thanks for your visit. I want to say you I do love your signs!!! They are beautiful.... May I link you in the future on my other italian blog, VerdeSalvia?