Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Big Green Post

Well Happy St. Patrick's Day!!

And speaking of's what I want to ramble about....
and ramble I do...long post warning:)

Have you seen this film? Here's the trailer to it...

It recently aired on the Sundance Channel

(and I hope they'll be showing it again but it's not scheduled currently...keep checking here)

WOW...what an eye opener. I thought I knew it all about recycling, (or at least alot, in this house, nothing gets thrown away without thinking about what it's next life could be)... it's importance, how we are consuming and disposing of 'stuff' at a rate that our planet just can't keep up with, but this film digs deeper into is the result of three years of work that took filmmaker Ian Connacher around the globe seeking answers to the host of problems that surround one of our little addictions,


We may have known this:
We pitch into landfills 38 billion water bottles a year -- in excess of $1 billion worth of plastic.
And this:
24% of the bottled water we buy is tap water repackaged by Coke and Pepsi.
But did you know this?

The United Nations claims there are 46,000 pieces of plastic in every square mile of ocean. A whopping 80% of plastics in the ocean originate from land.

Which sadly, gives us this:

Captain Charles Moore, world expert and founder of the Algalita Marine Research Foundation, explains that in some parts of the ocean, the ratio of plastic to plankton in the water is 10:1. A Dutch scientist finds that 90% of the birds he dissects have the human equivalent of a lunch bag full of plastic in their stomachs.

Realizing we can't just do away with plastic altogether 'Addicted to Plastic' doesn't just give us the gory details of our addiction. It provides a wealth of expert interviews on practical and cutting edge solutions to recycling, toxicity and biodegradability. (Because simply recycling isn't the answer! You can read more info about that here in a Huffington Post article
Recycling Plastic: What a waste.
The solutions Ian Connacher details - which include plastic made from plants -gives us a new perspective about our future with plastic.

What to do now, today?

Well on this 'green day' let's spend some time being aware of all the plastic in our lives and rethinking it. Since I've watched the film, I find myself being more aware of all the plastic in my life and how many times I could of made a better decision or the number of things I simply could of opted out of. Here are some rules (from the Huffington Post article above, written by Lisa Kaas Boyle, (Co-Founder, Plastic Pollution Coalition, and Board Member, Heal the Bay).

1. REFUSE single-use plastics. (these are every day, single-use plastics ..."SUPs"... bottles, bags, packaging, utensils, etc. made from petrochemicals that are thrown away in huge quantities after one use, but they will last virtually forever. SUPs are the largest component of landfills and ocean pollution.)

Instead, bring your own shopping and produce bags to the market, or try 'paper please'. Use reusable bottles or grab the glass bottle in the beverage cooler at the convenience store instead of the plastic. Bring your own containers for take-out or ask for non-plastic disposable packaging.

2. REDUCE waste. Choose products with the least plastic packaging. Cut back on plastic disposable goods like razors, straws, cups, plates and silverware.

3. REUSE preferably nontoxic containers and goods to make less waste.

4. RECYCLE plastics as a last option, after exhausting the first three options.

We have the power to change the world, why aren't we using it?

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Wishing you all a sunny & green day!!

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(¸.·´ (¸.·´ paula


Jennifer said...

This is an awesome post! Thank you! Jennifer stop and visit some time jennsthreegraces

Jennifer said...

Eye opening, sad - terrific post - I will try harder and spread the word! Jennifer

Blondie's Journal said...

This was an eye opener, Paula. 24% of tap water repackaged? By Coke & Pepsi? That is disgusting. I don't buy bottled water...I hope that makes a small difference. This info has to get out.

Great post.


LuLu Kellogg said...

I am shocked. Thank heavens you posted about this. I do already take my own bags to the grocery and I like my bevvie's in glass. Plastic to me makes things taste funny.


Linda @ A La Carte said...

Wow great post! I want to link this up to my post today. I try to be a good consumer and use less plastic but must admit to failing more then I succeed. I do recycle. This has inspired me.

Crystal Rose Cottage said...

Paula....Like you I know about recycling and trying to be green but that was really an eye opener! It really makes me think about what I can do better. Thank you for this post!~Patti

Julie Harward said...

Thanks for posting about all of this...very important! It sure has turned into a plastic world hasn't it...too bad, we need to take care of this world and all in it. Come say hi :D

Moore Minutes said...

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Katherine Ann said...

yay for you!!! What a way to lead :o) Love that you're challenging all who read your great blog!! Thanks!

sharron said...

I/WE have always recycled but after seeing news stories and documentaries in the last few years not to mention some amazing eye opening bloggers.. I strive even more to use less and save on using plastic and other products even more. We moved a few years ago and our new town is so much more green! We have a real hippie revoltion here and it makes it so easy to be aware of our waste. Many shoppes here give you a 10% discount for walking and bringing your own bags etc. It may seem like small efforst but if we all take a little time it will make such a huge difference. Thanks for bringing even more awareness. I will watch this on Sundance.

Anonymous said...

A photo of that poor bird should be posted at beaches,lakes, parks etc.

*Ulrike* said...

What a post! I have never been a big fan of plastic, but it seems like that is all you can get now. I liked my milk in the glass bottles or cartons, and it used to be they gave you paper bags instead of plastic bags till you could hardly find paper. I don't know how long it will take for people to understand.

Janean said...

brings a new meaning to *wearing green*

great post.

CosmoGirl Carla said...

Great post, Paula. I really do often think of how "green" my family is. Like you, I really try to practice the three "R's", wondering if my recycling efforts are really worthy. We have been recycling our plastics, cans, corrugated material, regular paper, etc., for many, many years. I try to donate what I can, and reused what I can, bring my own reusable bags to the grocery. But, we are a family of water bottle drinkers. Now I feel bad that all these years of driving to the recycling bins may have been in vain. I'm going to read more about this subject.

Thanks for the info!

People Who Know Me Would Say: said...

Your post on green for St. Patty was my absolute favorite. The numbers are staggering. We should all be ashamed.

Unknown said...

Great post, Paula. The one photo, although graphic, really says it all. Shame on us. I started recycling in 1989 when I moved to Maryland. That state was ahead of most others back then. I'm glad we have a much broader attention on it today. It's never to late to start.


Unknown said...

Wow, thank you for that...I recycle almost everything I can, but that just re-enforced my feelings about re-using and reducing!! Amazing how we are abusing our brief stay on the planet!

Jenny said...

This was definitely an eye opener. At first I thought the top photo was really pretty...and then I read on.