Monday, December 8, 2008

A view from my window....

...through the screen!
I'm always tempted to have a picture of my little painting studio corner of the house posted somewhere. Then I look around and see the mess...oh no, that's just not happening. So, instead I thought I'd share a view from my window, sorta my daily inspiration...

It's not the sandy beach view of my dreams but it will have to do!

Busy this past week...finally got the tree up.
We did something different this year. I picked out the tree (went a little smaller than usual), my husband did the lights, (now he knows how much fun that is, he's thinking a fake tree with lights already on it is not so far in our future!),
then I let Hannah do the ornaments! She decided to go with blues and purples, a quite creative girl she is :)
She's not quite done, still has to add garlands and she's hunting the attic for more blue and purple ornaments but it looks pretty good huh? As long as it wasn't me spending endless hours on it I think it looks great!!

I was in charge of the Wise Men mantle in the kitchen, my favorite :)

Today I'm back to painting (yeah!) after spending much of last week revamping my website. I've decided to simplify it by selling just my one of a kinds on the site and putting my other peices on either lollishops or etsy.
Oh yes! lollishops is open and looks's my page on lollishops:

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Tutti Chic said...

I LOVE your blog & all your pretty signs. I'll definately be back for more wonderful reading!n :) Chris