Sunday, December 28, 2008

Off to the beach!

It is supposed to be a balmy 67 degrees here today...I'm officially taking a real day off and we are headed to the beach. Spending hours combing the beach for shells and just soaking up the sun and surf, that is my idea of a perfect day off.

We never get much in the way of snow here on the Delmarva Peninsula,
but we do get alot of migrating snow birds!
Yesterday morning Mike and I took a drive to see if we could get them on film
...this was a rather small flock but you'd never know it if you could hear them! They usually cover a field in a blanket of white...our version of a winter snow fall.
Quite breathtaking to say the least!

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Tina Schadone said...

OMG those pictures are awesome. I am going to have to head down there to see them for myself!!!